The Fourth Battletoad (the_terrible) wrote in mel_brooks,
The Fourth Battletoad

Ladies and gentlemen, it just gets better

Veteran actress Cloris Leachman has challenged theatre star Mel Brooks to a fight so she can prove she is healthy enough for a role in his forthcoming Broadway musical Young Frankenstein. Leachman, 81, was devastated to learn she had been snubbed for the part of Frau Blucher, Dr. Frankenstein's household servant - a role she originally played in the 1974 movie version of Young Frankenstein - despite having reportedly breezed through the audition process. Theatre insiders told New York Post's gossip column, Page Six, "(Leachman had) a wonderful audition... She was involved in a workshop recently and everyone loved her... but it was obvious she was too old." And Brooks, 80, fears the Broadway musical would be too strenuous for the star. He tells former industry columnist Army Archerd, "We're afraid the show might stop her - it could kill her... We don't want her to die on stage." But Leachman's representative Steve Rohr says, "Cloris challenges Mel to three rounds in the ring, and we'll see who's left standing."
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